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    Transforming the Yangtze - Setting a New Standard of Excellence

    Cruising the Difference

    The Best Way to Explore China's Culture & Beauty

    Yangtze Panorama Cruises

    Chongqing to Shanghai | 15D14N
    Shanghai to Chongqing | 15D14N

    The All-inclusive Cruises
    Once-in-a-lifetime Experience

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    Yangtze Signature Cruises

    Chongqing to Yichang | 4D3N
    Yichang to Chongqing | 5D4N
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    Yangtze Adventure Cruises
    Chongqing Roundtrip | 4D3N | 5D4N
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    Cruise Package Tours

    Speciality VIP Restaurants
    Transfer & Guide Services
    Included Shore Excursions
    Unlimited Wi-Fi and more

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